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1165-X, Gerontological Nursing: Promoting Successful Aging with Older Adults, Stanley & Blair & Bear Retaining its practical, clinically oriented approach, the 3rd edition covers a wide range of topics and issues necessary to deal with the older patient, in a succinct format that can be used in a variety of courses covering gerontological nursing. Promoting Successful Aging is aimed at professionals preparing to work with the elderly. It is a consumer-oriented, pos-itive treatment of the issues and changes faced by older adults.Cited by: 10.

Lay perceptions of “successful aging” are important for understanding this multifaceted construct and developing ways to assist older adults to age well. The purpose of this qualitative study was to obtain older adults’ individual perspectives on what constitutes successful aging, along with Cited by: 269. This workshop will focus on what clinicians should know about the promotion of successful and healthy adult development and aging. Because clinicians are in their day-to-day work mostly exposed to the “dark side” of the human aging process, the workshop will highlight that the majority of adults actually grow old without major physical or psychological impairments.

Request PDF on ResearchGate | Health promotion in older adults. Promoting successful aging in primary care settings | The ultimate objective of the successful aging paradigm is to improve the. the aging American population has brought increased attention to what factors contribute to aging well. People are not only interested in longevity but how to remain in the best health in their later years. Successful aging can be defined in numerous ways. Is it simply living to an old age with no chronic physical ailments or.