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May 23, 2019 · Adult ballet classes offer something for every age group, from young adults to seniors. If you have never danced before, a beginners class would be perfect for you. Beginner classes start off at the very first steps of ballet, so there is no reason to be intimidated. If you are a former dancer and want to return to ballet after several years. Ballet for adults. Of all the dances you can attend classes in, Ballet dancing seems to be the one that people most admire, and yet stay furthest away from. It is seen as necessarily exclusive – the world of the privileged few. It is the dance that fascinates the most and yet includes the fewest.

Brand new beginning students should take Ballet Exercise for the complimentary class. The Very Beginning Ballet class starts from the “very beginning” each quarter, so a placement class is not appropriate unless it is the first week or two of the quarter. At The Ballet Studio, we teach adult ballet classes in a supportive and professional. This class meets for one hour and the School suggests students attend the adult ballet class prior to the pointe class to be properly warmed up. It is also recommended that in order to maintain proper technique and flexibility needed for pointe work, students should attend at least three ballet technique classes Author: Jami Kozemczak.