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My 23 y/o son is 100% total care. He uses Covidien wings plus quilted Adult briefs in medium. His waist is 32”, hips 38”. According to the charts he is using the correct size. We also use liners. His diapers leaks daily. When the diaper is on so the tapes are at his sides, . Abena Abri-Form feature four refastenable tapes, elasticated leg gatherers, and soft standing leak guards. They are plastic backed but the newer Abena Premium AirPlus are completely breathable.: Attends Underwear Extra.

That's Right! An Adult Diaper's Fit is every bit as important as selecting the correct diaper because even the best product on the market can leak if it doesn't fit properly. Please refer to the adult diaper size chart seen below for proper fitting of an adult diaper. Huggies Little Movers feature a contoured shape and SnugFit waistband, double grip strips, dry touch liner and leak lock system, and Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse graphics.: Huggies Snug & Dry.

Jun 26, 2018 · When it comes to adult incontinence products, the general rule is that high absorbency comes at the cost of discreetness. For the most part, the higher a diaper's capacity, the bulkier it's going to look under clothing. It's almost always a trade-off, although some . The plus size adult diaper products and supplies in this section come in disposable or reusable products. There are absolutely the most choices in the diapers with tabs section. There are also some great choices in the reusable cloth briefs section.