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Apr 16, 2019 · Strep Throat in Adults: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment. While strep throat is most common in children and teens between the ages of 5 and 15, just about anyone can pick it up, including adults. Let’s take a closer look at strep throat, what causes it, its symptoms, and what you can do to treat and prevent it.Author: Margaret A Spera, NP, APRN. Your doctor tests for strep throat with a rapid antigen test. She swabs the back of your throat with a cotton-tipped stick to get a sample. You usually get results in about 20 minutes.

Dec 13, 2015 · Strep throat symptoms in adults is the overarching name of an infection that has several variations. Common symptoms of strep throat include severe sore throat, high fever, red and swollen tonsils, stomach pain, vomiting and headachesAuthor: Dr. Richard Foxx, MD. Strep Throat Symptoms in Adults. One of the most noticeable strep throat symptoms in adults is that the sore throat comes on quickly and lasts 48 hours or more (a viral, non-strep sore throat usually starts with a little irritation and lasts only a day or two). Other common strep throat symptoms in adults include: Enlarged tonsils.

About 1 in 10 adults with a sore throat has strep throat A Simple Test Gives Fast Results Only a rapid strep test or throat culture can determine if group A strep is the cause. Mar 14, 2018 · Causes of Recurrent Strep Throat in Adults. A patient with strep throat experiences throat pain that worsens immediately, swelling of the throat area, difficulty in swallowing food, enlargement of cervical lymph nodes, and nauseated feeling. With recurring strep throat infections, these symptoms occur and go repeatedly.Author: Ningthoujam Sandhyarani.