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Ridgeview Institute offers Young Adult Addiction Services in Smyrna, GA. Our Young Adult Psychiatric treats patients ages 18 – 26 experiencing psychiatric disorders.Whether this is the first time a young adult is experiencing a psychiatric disorder or has a history of prior treatment, there is great benefit for the young adult to be treated within a group of peers as they share similar age. Ridgeview is committed to being a place where you are welcomed, holistically. Our commitment to values centered on safety, acceptance, compassion, and hope mean that our door is open and our programs and services are here to help you.

Ridgeview Institute Smyrna & Monroe are two mental health facilities offering high-quality mental health care to the Atlanta, GA community. We offer professional drug treatment programs & mental health services. Call us at (844) 350-8800 to speak with a mental health counselor. About Ridgeview. Ridgeview Pavilion is a 28-bed, secured adult inpatient psychiatric facility. Inpatient programming is targeted toward short-term crisis intervention, medication assessment and stabilization. Psychiatric services are designed to encourage the least-restrictive and least-structured level of care that is clinically appropriate.

Join Ridgeview Institute at the Senior Wellness Expo hosted by Celebration Village in Acworth, GA on 7/25. This FREE public event that centers around seniors and the four pillars that support holistic wellness: physical, intellectual, social and spiritual health. Apr 19, 2012 · Ridgeview Institute, a private, not-for-profit hospital treating people with addiction or mental health problems, has earned a national reputation for care and service. Since 1976, more than.