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Over 600,000 individuals go missing in the United States every year. Fortunately, many missing children and adults are quickly found, alive and well. However, tens of thousands of individuals remain missing for more than one year – what many agencies consider “cold cases”. Select the images to display more information. Select the images to display more information.

News for and about missing persons In order to access some pages a membership is required. Go to the menu (top left) to access pages that require no membership. " Missing " is a nationally-syndicated weekly television series featuring actual cases of missing persons, both children and adults, from across North America. Working with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, and missing persons organizations such as The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, our goal is to provide viewers with vital facts about.

Sep 23, 2014 · By the numbers: Missing persons in the USA. USA TODAY Network breaks down the number of missing people in the USA, using data from the FBI's National Crime Information Center.Author: Kevin Kepple, Marianne Epstein, Lori Grisham. Jun 11, 2018 · It’s been reported that on average, 90,000 people are missing in the United States at any given time. While many of them end up being found, alive or dead, many others remain missing to Author: Karen-Bennett.