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Inflammation of the Rectum and Anus Average Cost From 541 quotes ranging from $100 - 500. Average Cost My cat Boo has had inflammation of the rectum for a couple of weeks now. He is a 3 year old Tabby, is neutered and has no other mates; he is an only cat. When I came home just now, my mom and I found out he's bleeding from his anus. It. Dec 02, 2018 · If your cat is bleeding from his rear end, it's a sure sign of trouble and could mean that he's suffering from internal parasites, a physical injury, a rectal prolapse, or cancerous growths, among other possible conditions. Your cat will need to see a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.Author: Quentin Coleman.

Your cat scoots as an attempt to alleviate some form of discomfort in their anal area. This can include pain, itchiness, or general swelling or discomfort. Scooting in cats is typically a symptom of an underlying condition impacting your cat’s digestive system.