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For our “Meet the Team” blog series, we interview Scratch Marketing + Media employees to show the dynamic culture we experience everyday. Today, a member of our PR Team, Lauren Johnson, shares with us how she found a passion for public relations and why she loves working at Scratch. Lauren is an associate account manager [ ]. The latest Tweets from Ass Scratcher (@AssScratcher): "I slide my hand in to scratch actual skin, and I don't scratch through the fabric. It's far more satisfying!"Followers: 7.

This tutorial is extending the Creating a blog from scratch with PHP with that in mind I will only be covering new pieces of code and not the whole codebase. (It's worth pointing out this tutorial only exists because one of my readers asked for it. I love to help when I can . Aug 24, 2015 · Mostly yes I don't do much of it at the moment but during 2013 I wrote a blog entry each day. I find it hard to balance blogging with other things though, to be honest. It takes time and effort away from other projects but if I don't work on other projects I don't have anywhere near as .

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