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Jan 23, 2007 · Sharon Stone's breasts have been nominated for Worst Screen Couple in this year's Golden Raspberry Awards.The 27th annual Razzies - as the anti-Oscar awards are nicknamed - . Everyone knows Sharon Stone’s legendary Basic Instinct scene. But she’s much more than that. No, we’re not referring to her supposedly high 154 IQ. We’re talking about her penchant for getting naked. There are so just way too many Sharon Stone nudes out there. Not that its a bad thing.

Sep 01, 2016 · Sharon Stone: Fueling Plastic Surgery Rumors As The Years Roll By. Regarded as one of America’s most beautiful women, A-List actress Sharon Stone was known for setting the silver screen on fire back in her active Hollywood days. She is an Oscar-nominated actress and has had 20 wins and 34 nominations including The Golden Globe and Emmy Awards. Many people speculate that she has gotten breast augmentation (breast implants), so that Sharon Stone breast size can still look tight and full though her age is not young any more. On the other hand, they also believe that she might also have lips filler injection to make the lips look fuller and juicy.

Sharon Stone always had the skinny figure with accurate proportions. But, to achieve the same level after 50 is difficult. But, to achieve the same level after 50 is difficult. The last procedure for which Sharon Stone was being accused is eyelid surgery. Sharon Stone Boob Job. This is one of the reasons why we could not believe if Sharon Stone has not gone under the knife once again. This surgery is revealed by an experienced surgeon that sees the change in her appearance of her beast. We all know from her old image that she used to have small sized breast.