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Custom Breast Prosthesis. Custom Overlay / Partial Prosthesis. Semi-custom Nipple and Areola Prosthesis. About Us. Trulife is an internationally based group with over 60 years’ experience in the creation, development, manufacture and marketing of niche healthcare and consumer products. Our activities encompass Orthotics, Prosthetics. The Virage custom breast form has been the most requested breast prosthesis in ContourMed’s line of custom products. It is the lightest custom product on the market, non-porous (so it’s perfect for water activities), easily maintained, and has more wearer friendly options than any other product on .

Mar 07, 2019 · Custom-made options. Some specialty shops sell custom-made breast prostheses, individually constructed and cast to match the natural contours and color of your body and your other breast. These are usually made from silicone or latex and are significantly more expensive than a breast prosthesis that isn't custom-made. Custom-Made Breast Prostheses Docket No. C-18-1016 Decision No. CR5162 August 14, 2018. DECISION DISMISSING UNACCEPTABLE COMPLAINT. Vivian B. Batts (the Aggrieved Party), submitted correspondence dated June 1, 2018, which the Civil Remedies Division treated as a challenge to a local coverage determination (LCD) and docketed as C-18-1016. I was.

“The custom breast prostheses gave me comfort, the symmetry was just right, and they feel more natural... It’s an excellent alternative to reconstruction.” Dale is a three-time breast cancer survivor with her initial diagnosis at age 36. She eventually had a bilateral mastectomy and decided reconstruction was . Breast prostheses. Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers some external breast prostheses (including a post-surgical bra) after a mastectomy. Part A covers surgically implanted breast prostheses after a mastectomy if the surgery takes place in an inpatient setting. Part B covers the surgery if it takes place in an outpatient setting.