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How to Strip Wax off Linoleum Floors Step 1 – Sweep the Floor. Linoleum is a very forgiving material, like vinyl, Step 2 – Apply the Linoleum Floor Stripper. Linoleum stripper tends to be concentrated Step 3 – Remove the Finish. Steps 2 and 3 will have to be repeated for each section Author: DIY Staff. You won't need any harsh chemicals, just regular household ingredients will make a competent wax stripper. If you're looking to make your linoleum floor sparkle and gleam then try out these tips. Strip the wax off of a linoleum floor without harsh chemicals.

Steps to Remove the Wax Build Up: Start by filling your bucket with the following mixture: 1 gallon vinegar. 1 cup cream of tartar. Work in sections for the best results. This method requires scrubbing the floor by hand. Protect your hands with rubber gloves and wear knee pads to . When your timer dings after 5 minutes, you should be able to use your fingernail to scrape off some of the wax on the floor. Now the other person can start buffing on one end of the area. You want even pressure, and the scouring pad will be stripping up all those layers of wax and sealant.

-Priscilla. Scrub the floor to remove the softened layers of wax, then rinse with clean water. Also, NEVER under any circumstances mix ammonia with bleach or any cleaning product that contains bleach, as the combination of bleach and ammonia can produce poisonous chlorine gas.