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Condoms must go through a series of durability tests before they can be sold. However, condom companies do not test condoms for the wet conditions, heat, or chemicals found in pools and hot tubs. Condom companies point out that there has not been any research done on how effective condoms are when used in water. Do condoms work in water? You can use a condom in the water, with a few caveats. “If you're having penis-in-vagina sex and want to use a traditional condom, Author: Erika W. Smith.

Aug 22, 2008 · Condoms can more easily slide off in water, and the chemicals in the pool can damage the condom, so it's not nearly as safe as out of water sex is. I wouldn't chance it without a back up form of birth control. Sperm would not live in the pool and get another girl pregnant. They don't live long anyway and the chlorine would kill them.Followers: 1. Does anyone know if condoms would work in the pool? or their effectiveness in the water? Maybe a tighter condom would work though? I'm guessing it would lessen their effectiveness, right? The chlorine must weaken the latex to some extent? or does it help aid in killing sperm? . Thanks for any insight any experiences/advice would help!

Yes condoms work under water. In fact the water can actually act as a seal. Under water there is also more lubrication so there is less chance of the condom being lost through rough sex. Condoms Work Underwater Although condoms are great at preventing pregnancy and STDs, they may be less effective when having sex in pools, hot tubs, and other types of water. When used underwater, condoms are more to breakage due to the decreased lubrication.